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BUG - User Info Update bug

jaushmanjaushman Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited March 2009
We're using the cart=updateinfo parameter for a subscription based site to allow users to update their information. I noticed today that users are required to enter credit card information even if they only want to update password or billing information for their subscription.

If the checkbox for "Update my payment information for use with my subscriptions" is unchecked I would assume that the user would not be required to input credit card information. However, with that box unchecked an error of "To process your subscription, you must give us permission to save your payment information" is raised.

Are users provided the option of updating info without updating CC data?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    The cart=updateinfo was designed specifically for forcing a customer to update their payment information. If you need to update other information, take a look at our newest version 0.5.0 and the user api that goes along with it:

    It doesn't currently allow you to update email addresses, but we'll probably be changing that soon.
  • guys are ridiculous. Upgraded to version 0.5.0 and all is well.
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