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blockablocka Member
in Help edited March 2009
Would I be able to use FoxyCart to sell services? For example, I would like to require paid registration for some areas of my website...both on a subscription basis and an al a carte basis.
Same thing for donations.

The common denominator here is that these are both intangible items...
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Sure. We use FoxyCart to sell FoxyCart's subscription service. You can setup different categories for shippable products, services, downloadables... whatever you like. As for having a paid subscription area for your site, you'll have to build that part of it yourself using a content management system like FoxEE or MODx and then grant access after a customer pays for a subscription (and you process the XML Datafeed after the purchase).

    Take a look at our latest version (0.5.0) which has a greatly improved subscription system, a user api and some other cool features we'll be documenting soon.
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