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blockablocka Member
in Help edited March 2009
Maybe i'm missing something here....
I see in the docs that that the api endpoint is but I can't see anywhere in that entry how to make the rest call...
I tried{key}&api_action=customer_get&customer_email={email}

and I get a response:

<message>Required API Token Missing (api_token)</message>
<message>Required API Action Missing (api_action)</message>
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Sorry, we just changed the API so it only accepts POST, not GET.
    We felt that allowing requests by GET would open up a lot of potential security issues because GET requests tend to get logged, cached, or otherwise stored in more places than POST data does.

    If you feel this is a bad decision we'd be happy to discuss, but hopefully it's not too big a deal for anybody.
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