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custom shipping

kevinkevin Member
in Bugs & Feature Requests edited November 2007
foxy cart is exactly what I have been looking for, well almost.

I am hoping to be able to setup foxycart for a winery client of mine.
they have a set of "shipping rules" that they use:
- 1-3 bottles is one shipping price per region(state)
- 4-6 bottles is one shipping price per state
- 6-12 bottles is one shipping price per state
- they often offer buy 6 bottles (or 12 bottles) and get free shippin (on some wines -- most like in a category)

I can write the code myself, only I am not sure where to "override" the shipping amount....
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi Kevin.
    Good question. We have a discussion going about rules based shipping functionality here:

    It's a lot to read through, but if you have the time I'd love if you could check the ideas so far and comment on whether or not you see that fitting your needs. We're going for ultimate flexibility, since shipping is pretty consistently the one thing that everybody needs something different for.

    I do think we have a pretty flexible foundation that's sketched out in that other thread, but let me know if you have thoughts or suggestions over there.
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