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Is foxycart what i need ?

amal_aucamal_auc Member
in General edited March 2009

Am doing some research on making an e-commerce website and am not quite sure if foxycart is really what i need. Your opinions & advices are welcome.

I will be using expression engine and foxee for the content & products management.

What am not quite sure is will the users sign up information be managed in ee or foxycart. is it possible for foxy cart to retrieve user info from ee.

All payments will be done offline when the product is delivered. Can i modify the checkout process where instead of getting payments i get an order list with the product details and contact info.

Can i setup different account permissions on foxycart. For example I will have one person who will access foxycart to retrieve orders only.

Well thanks and hope that these questions don't sounds dumb.
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    No question is dumb! Well... ok, some of them are... but yours aren't, so you're good.

    We're just about to dive into a full shared authentication system (specifically for the friendly folks at FoxEE) and should hopefully have a nice solution for that soon. We do have an API and some other work arounds right now that will let you keep the data pretty well synced up. Our datafeed will send you new customer signups and you can send FoxyCart new accounts using the API so everyone is happy.

    We also support offline payments, though I'm not sure how FoxEE handles those. You'll have to ensure your company is PCI compliant in order to view the decrypted payment information or you could use Authorize Only version of which won't actually capture the funds.

    As for granular account permissions, please vote for that here: We can go ahead and setup multiple users for your, but right now they all have the same level of access.

    What you can do right now is setup an "admin" email per product category which will send an email to someone in your organization so they can manage the orders via email. You also have the option of integrating with the XML Datafeed and building your own order management interface, but that would probably be a discussion you would have with the FoxEE team.

    Hope that helps.
  • Yeah sure very helpfull ...

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