Coupon Confusiom

purpleontimepurpleontime Member
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I simply want to create a 15% off coupon. The coupon helper doesn't make sense to me, there is no option to do a simple discount with a code.
I really wish this could be made a little easier.
How do I do this? I have read the information and docs, so no need to point me there again, but it seems it is all overkill. I can't find a simple way to discount the 15% off cart total, regardless of items and such.
I simply want to be able to send someone a code, they enter in the box, and 15% is removed from the total whether the total is $1, or $1000, any amount...
How do I activate this?
Also, how do I get the entry box to show on my cart?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2015

    Sorry that you're having a hard time with our coupons. The discount syntax to provide a 15% off coupon would be 1-15, and you'd set the discount type to "discount by a percentage based on the quantity. That says for 1 or more products, discount by 15%.

    The coupon entry box will display automatically whenever there is a valid coupon present in the store - so it needs a valid discount syntax, and also if begin and end dates are set - that it's within that timeframe.
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