What browser versions do you build to support?

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We're contemplating some changes on our end that would see us move towards SNI SSL. This type of SSL offers a handful of benefits (particularly wrt some of our security policies and infrastructure).

The only potential downside is browser support. In the past, this was a bigger deal, but at this point, the minimum browser versions are pretty ancient (from Digicert):

* Internet Explorer 7 and later
* * Note: No versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP support SNI
* Firefox 2
* Opera 8 with TLS 1.1 enabled
* Google Chrome:
* * Supported on Windows XP on Chrome 6 and later
* * Supported on Vista and later by default
* * OS X 10.5.7 in Chrome Version 5.0.342.0 and later
* Safari 2.1 and later (requires OS X 10.5.6 and later or Windows Vista and later).
We're looking into our own log data, but we want to hear from our users about the sites you build and the customers you see. Would dropping IE support on XP be a problem? (And if so, are you aware of the changes coming in mid-2016 that'll eliminate TLS 1.0, which'll almost certainly break support for XP users and a lot of relatively old browsers?)

NOTE: It should be noted that our v2.0 supports modern browsers, with some support for IE8. We even tested v2.0 on a Kindle Paperwhite and it worked there! So we do care about browser compatibility. This post isn't about "What browsers should we support going forward?" but rather "How far back do you and your clients care about?"
  • Our only concern is IE8 being able to checkout with graceful degradation. Doesn't have to look pretty, just has to work.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @NetNut, do you care about Windows XP support? Or are you assuming IE8 on Vista?
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    Many of our customers are in the industrial sector with old machines locked in to old OS's. Here is a screenshot of our windows users breakdown by version since September:
    View post on imgur.com
    XP users account for 5.43% of transactions since September, and 10.84% of session YTD. It is worth noting that IE users account for 31.85% of overall sessions, IE8 being 10.02% of those, yet IE8 accounts for 0% of our transactions for this same period (Sept to today). From that it seems that anybody in our customer base on XP is not using IE8 to purchase.

    So IE8 on XP shouldn't be that big of an issue for us. IE8 support on other systems would still be a concern, with them making a large chunk of our traficc.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @NetNut, thanks! Interesting to see that about IE8 on XP accounting for 0% of actual transactions. We're still going through systemwide data on our end, but the PCI requirement to drop TLS 1.0 by mid-2016 will effectively prevent IE on XP from working on any ecommerce site, ever, at all.
  • Latest class A browsers (chrome, FF etc.) and IE 9 and above. However even IE9 is not really that much of a target for us. Actually for non crucial parts i'm already using flexbox for CSS without any hacks (IE10 can mostly work with flex box out-of-the-box)
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    Thanks, @fileee. Always good to have extra input.
  • I've pushed clients hard to drop Old IE support since MS dropped support on their end. IE9 gets pretty basic support, otherwise it's just IE10+ and the usual modern browsers.
  • It appears that only about 0.3% of users are on browsers that aren't up-to-date (i.e. IE9 and earlier). The rest of the world are using modern evergreen browsers with auto-update. Out-of-date IE takes such an inordinate amount of time to debug, it is not worth my time to help less than 1% of users.
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