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Datafeed not submitting data for only one transaction


My datafeed seems to be working fine except for one transaction which times out with a 20 second time out with 0 bytes received, yet literally three minutes later another transaction went right through, every time I resubmit the same error
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble feeding that order. On your datafeed endpoint, are you performing actions on each product in the order by chance? I notice that that order has 7 products in it - the clear largest order for your recent transactions - so I believe that's why it's taking so long to process on your end.

    You could look at trying to speed up your endpoint to handle orders with a lot of products a bit quicker, or even alter the datafeed to capture the payload, save it off and return foxy and then process it on your side after that - that way it won't cause any timeout issues if it takes a little time.

    You could also, if you consider this a one-off kind of order, update your datafeed endpoint momentarily to a script which will save off the payload to a file, then revert back to your normal endpoint. You could then manually feed that payload into your script yourself, to work around the 20 second limit you're hitting. We have some scripts on the wiki that could help you do that, for saving off and manually feeding the payload.
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