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Looking for a way to post-date a payment. Possibly use a subscription?

Hey all. I sell sporting goods online (snowboards amoung other items). I want to start a demo program where I can send a loaner board to customer, charge him for the shipping and, if the board is not returned within 14 days, charge his credit card for the cost of the board.

I'm guessing that subscriptions could be used this way but I'm looking for some pointers to get me started.


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That's exactly right - subscriptions would be your best bet here.

    What I'd recommend specifically is making use of our bundled products functionality to bundle a normal $0 product to cover the shipping for today, and then a subscription set with a start date of "14d" to set the subscription to start in 14 days. The bundled product will prevent the customer from removing one or the other to get out of the shipping or the subscription payment. You'd also want to add the subscription to a category set to a delivery type of "No Shipping".
  • Thanks Adam. I'll start testing the functionality. One thing that I haven't figured out yet is if my payment gateway can be set to not require the CVV code.
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