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Starting with the Subscriptions API and have questions!

Hey, I'm looking at setting up a new client utilizing the Subscriptions API. I haven't had a chance to setup any testing or samples to see what comes back. Is there a sample file of the return data from subscription_get and subscription_list calls?

Q2 - am I right in thinking that to update a subscription amount you have to create a new subscription? I'm thinking along the lines of having the first 3 months at $5/mo then it goes to $10/mo. How would be the best way to handle that? (I know you can delay a subscription for a free trial, but not change the amount). I'm also thinking if we have a general price increase further down the road that needs to affect all subscriptions and how to handle that.

Q3 - From the documentation, it looks like FC handles actioning each subscription payment. That would mean that if I'm using a provider like I wouldn't need to sign up for the Automated Recur Billing service, or if I'm using a different gateway, I don't need to worry about if they provide a recur billing option as part of their platform. Is this correct?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    1) We don't have samples of those calls on our wiki at this time. If you take the example code listed on the wiki though and adapt the calls being made, that code simply dumps the response so you can see how it's coming back to you.

    2) If you want to update an existing subscription using the API you would use a subscription_modify action and pass in an updated transaction_template. The contents of the transaction_template is an XML representation of the customers subscription, which you can also see from the "advanced edit" of an individual subscription in your store's FoxyCart administration.

    3) That's right - FoxyCart handles the subscription functionality, so it's standard across different payment gateways. There are some hosted payment gateways that we don't currently support subscriptions with, and the depreciated PayPal integration made use of PayPal's subscriptions so was a bit different as well. All traditional gateways and the new PayPal integration handles subscriptions within FoxyCart directly.
  • excellent and thank you (sry for the delayed response!)
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