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Modifying the template include to offer a specifc product for free if it's in the cart

clivewalkerclivewalker Member
in Help edited November 2015
I'm wanting to offer a specific product for free if it's in the cart. It might be possible to do this with Buy Now buttons and bundled products but integration of that in current website doesn't work in the way that we want. So, it looks to me that customisation of the cart template include is the best way of doing this. However, I'm new to FoxyCart and cannot give this the time that it needs. Can anyone help or point me to documentation with a specific example like this? I've checked the FC docs but cannot see a close example. Many thanks.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We don't have any specific examples or documentation for including a free product in the cart. I've actually just followed up with you on your email that we have going on our helpdesk - if you'd like we can continue that discussion there.
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