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Total Shipping Weight Variable for Each Multi-Ship Bucket?

We are coding custom shipping cost calculations via Javascript and many of our orders are multi-ship. It seems the "total_weight_shippable" variable returns the value for the entire cart, even in a multi-ship scenario where it's not all shipping together. Is there an equivalent variable that will allow us to pull the total shipping weight for each multi-ship silo, or do we need to calc it ourselves by adding together weight x quantity of each item in each multi-ship bucket?

If not available, this would be a great add for future release.
  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team
    edited November 2015

    You're correct to add all the weight of each individual shipto, but you don't need to add the product of the weight and quantity, since item.weight == item.weight_each * item.quantity (weight is already the total for the specific product). You just need to derive the sum of all the weights.

    Thanks for bringing this up, I've brought this up with the team and we'll be looking to add that feature in a future version.
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