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How to reactivate a subscription once we have canceled it via the API's subscription_cancel?

flinx777flinx777 Member
in Help edited November 2015
We need a little clarification on how the subscription_cancel function from the subscription api works:

Our scenario is this: what if the customer wants to reactivate their subscription that they canceled 2 months ago that was done via the FC's API's subscription_cancel (we have the sub_token of the subscription store in the CMS)? The question is the following: how does the billing work on FC's end if reactivate the subscription using subscription_modify and supply it with sub_token, end_date and next_transaction_date? If the client decides to re-activate their subscription via the API, will FC bill the customer automatically (once they decide to re-activate their account) or do we need to capture some response from FC first?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The subscription_cancel action simply sets the subscriptions end_date to tomorrow, setting it to cancel on our next subscription processor run. If you wanted to re-enable a subscription, you would need to run a subscription_modify, clear out the end date and set the next transaction date accordingly - presumably to tomorrow. The subscription would restart on that next transaction date and bill the customer as normal, with the next date to follow set ahead at the frequency of the subscription.
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