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Upgrade troubles (0.4 -> 0.5)

OliOli Member
in Help edited March 2009
A client of mine is stoked as heck about the new "unified order entry" in v.5 but when I attempt to switch this site,, from .4 to .5, the checkout page breaks in regards to the user login / registration:

When entering an e-mail / password to recall an account, the continue button disappears, the loader hangs, and nothing happens. Same thing when creating a new account.

Also the cart has "ship to: me" written at the top of the product list, even though I have all shipping options turned off.

I did setup taxes and checked the wiki's upgrade info, but am not sure what is causing this. I am using a custom templates (to change gfx and colors, but not layout).

P.s. The new taxes KiCk aSs ! :)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Ah bummers... You have "shipto: me" because the store is using multi-ship. Multi-ship and the taxes in v050 really, really don't play nicely at this point if you have future subscriptions in the cart. We have that noted in a few places, but it's probably easy to miss.

    So... do you have future subscriptions in the cart when this happens? If not, can you whisper us a URL where we can add something to the cart to see this behavior?

    Also make sure you check out the upgrade notes if you haven't already:
    We're stoked to hear somebody will be using UOE. What will your client be using it for?
  • 5.0 broke with multi-ship for one of my clients too. i guess it's an either/or 5.0/multi-ship right now?
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    So sorry about this... we just rolled out a fix. It seems like all of the JQuery calls to .get(0) were breaking... which is strange because we've been doing that from the beginning. Still trying to figure out what happened, but we just wrapped everything in an if test first and that seems to have solved it.

    To be clear: taxes SHOULD work with multiship, but multiship subscriptions with taxes get a little funky.

    Please let us know if you see any other problems and sorry about this one. Seems like something we should have caught... must have been a last minute change to something in 050 before we launched because we tested multiship extensively.
  • OliOli Member
    turned off multiship and everything is fine :)
  • lukeluke FoxyCart Team
    Well, they should work now. If you want to keep them off, we'll decrease the subscription amount... but if you're going to turn them right back on again, we'll save ourselves the trouble. :) Just let us know.
  • OliOli Member
    I wasn't using MultiShip on that site anyway and didn't realize it switched on with the update.

    No worries man, Foxycart rocks !! :)
  • When I turned off multi-ship, it still wasnt working. All is working fine now. I dont know what you did, maybe some magic pixy dust. but it's good now.
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