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Flat rate shipping not always applied w/ Paypal express checkout

We use the v2.0 flat rate shipping modification to calculate multiple flat rate shipping for our store. Looking through our order reports over the last few months I have noticed that a significant number of orders have not had the appropriate shipping fee applied when the customer used PayPal as the checkout method. I have logged a total of 24 transactions that have encountered this problem. I did some testing and have noticed the following:

1. If a customer goes to FoxyCart checkout first, and uses PayPal as the selected payment method from there, shipping fees are correctly applied.
2. If a customer uses the calculate shipping module in their cart, shipping fees are correctly applied, and then passed on to PayPal when the customer uses PayPal express checkout from the cart.
3. If a customer does NOT use the calculate shipping module in cart, and then proceeds to PayPal express checkout from the cart, shipping fees are not applied to the order at all until they are directed back to the FoxyCart checkout after filling in all info at PayPal.
4. If a customer reaches FoxyCart checkout by way of the steps taken in #3, and they opt to checkout as a guest, or have not yet created a customer account, then they are allowed to complete the checkout without the shipping fee being applied at all.

I just tested this myself and succeeded in placing an order of $6 without any flat rate shipping being applied by taking steps 3 & 4 above. I proceeded through to PayPal express checkout without using the calculate shipping module, and then opted to checkout as a guest when redirected back to FoxyCart checkout. After doing this, I went back to all the orders that I had logged as missing the shipping fee, and performed a cross check to see if they had either checked out as a guest, or had not created a customer account yet. In every case of the 24 orders checked, the customer had indeed used guest checkout or was creating a customer account for the first time because it was their first order.

What I saw in the FoxyCart checkout when I tested this was that the correct shipping fee ($5.00) appears under the Shipping Method section of the checkout, and the radio button appears selected, but in the side bar under Order Summary, it shows Shipping & Handling as $0.00. I went through this scenario a couple times, and found that if I log into my customer account when prompted, the Shipping & Handling total updates correctly from $0.00 to $5.00. But if I do not log in and checkout as a guest, it does not update. When completing checkout as a guest in this scenario, there appeared to be a brief moment after pressing the Place Order button where the Shipping & Handling was refreshed to $5.00 just before I was redirected to the receipt page, but the receipt itself and the charge record at PayPal both showed $0.00 for Shipping & Handling.

I will whisper you the transaction numbers for all of the orders this has occurred on, to help you investigate further. If you could please patch this bug up soon it would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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