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Checkout Fail on Items w/ No Shipping

We're getting a mysterious checkout failure (see attached screenshot) on items that don't ship (ie, PDFs, shipping service upgrades, etc.) It says at the top "1 required piece of information is missing" but then nothing on the form is highlighted in red. Obviously, this is a painful experience for the customer with no clear way to proceed.

Also, here is the add to cart link that initiated this checkout procedure:

Our "upgrade" category is for non-shippable products. Can you identify the problem and help us fix? Thanks.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The issue you're running into there is the custom shipping snippet is forcing the checkout to think it has shippable products when it doesn't. You can work around that by looking for this line at the top of your custom snippet in your cart include template:

    {% if (context == 'cart' or context == 'checkout') %}

    and change it to be this instead:

    {% if (context == 'cart' or context == 'checkout') and shipping_address.has_shippable_products %}

    That will ensure that the snippet only runs when the cart has shippable products in it already.
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