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Which fields of billing address required?

I'd like to get as close to Stripe Checkout like UX as possible for a new FC project.

That means I'd like to dispense with billing address, and rely on email address and name like Stripe Checkout.

I understand the payment processor ( might require billing address, but that might be configurable in fraud settings there.

What fields does FC require on your hosted payment page? All? Even phone?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you're on version 2.0 - you can set what billing fields are required from the configuration page of your store's administration - look for the option within "checkout" to alter what fields are required.

    In earlier versions, the system expects to receive a full address - so first and last name, address 1, city, state, postcode and country. Company and phone are optional fields.
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