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Selecting products to go in a box

bizrbizr Member
in General edited March 2009
Rather than just single products our client would like to start selling boxes/selections of products (around 8 items) but would like customers to be able to select each item for the box and easily add them to the box. There would obviously need to be a minimum number of items selected before the box could be ordered.

I believe this is possible using JSON - but I am not at all familiar with this. Would it be very difficult to achieve this?

Many thanks
  • bizrbizr Member
    Perhaps limit the number of products from a category to a minimum number before the order can be added to the cart?
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi bizr.
    Thanks for posting in the forum. The basic idea is this:
    - Add some javascript on the cart to disable/hide/replace the checkout button. (easy difficulty)
    - Add more javascript to check the JSON and get the quantity per category. (medium difficulty)
    - Based on the quantity check, either enable the checkout button or display a message alerting them to what they have to do. (easy/medium difficulty)

    How are your jQuery skills? This comes up pretty often so I'll help you figure it out if you have some patience. I know this has come up before a few times in the forum but I can't find the previous discussion. But it's definitely come up, so perhaps give it some searching.
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