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What CMS are people using with Foxycart ?

Currently I am using Perch CMS ( and generally I love it.

Flies in the ointment now for me are :
(i) they whisper without publishing publicly that they will deprecate their add-on for Foxycart. Annoying because I chose Perch and Foxycart because of the "integration"
(ii) their support is grudging, unwilling and downright unhelpful at times. Anything to avoid providing an answer, and they seem to think users are unnecessary distractions. Not like the super-helpful fc_adam and fc_jed.

So against my will and preferences, I am thinking of ditching Perch but staying with Foxycart, the latter not least because of the support that is provided (thank you guys) and the product quality.

So rather than waste a month reviewing the market afresh, I wonder what CMS people here are already successfully using with Foxycart.

I don't like the big boys of Joomla and Drupal, having tried Drupal and found it to be a 500lb gorilla which is unwieldy and unfriendly. There must be some nice CMS out there which are smaller and more agile than Drupal, but more substantial than the file-based ones (e.g. GetSimple which I love for small sites but not sure it is up to a bigger site)

Answers with just a product name would be fine, don't expect extensive reviews, although any brief comments very welcome

Thanks guys
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry to hear that! One good place to start would be our integrations page: - there is a section there listing out the different CMS's that there is at least a basic integration documented up to a full blown plugin. If you were looking for options with a leg-up to get you going, those would be a great choice to look over.

    Beyond that though - FoxyCart is built to integrate - so if you find a different solution not on that list, chances are pretty good that you'd be able to integrate FoxyCart into it.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @timconsidine, there's nothing public yet, but Concrete5 might be one to look at. We've been talking to them and we expect to see something official this year. It might be heavier than you want, but from my understanding it's _way_ lighter than Drupal, Joomla, etc. (Unfortunately, I haven't put a site together myself in a while, and I've never had the chance to mess around with Concrete5 personally.)
  • Thanks fc_adam and brett.

    I looked at Concrete5 a while back, but maybe it is worth re-evaluating

    Will check out options mentioned
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