Get the name of an item being removed from the cart?

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Suppose I want to warn customers when they remove certain items from their cart.

Our store sells highly configurable electronics. For example, if they get a cellular base station, then, they need to also buy a wireless plan. Otherwise the merchant will be getting an angry call from a frustrated customer.

So I'd like to warn a customer when they try to remove certain items from their cart.

So I tried this code from your cheatsheet:

FC.client.on("cart-item-remove", function (params) {
if (params.itemPrice == 0) {
alert("You cannot remove free products from your cart");
return false;

But I don't understand how `params` really works. It seems to just be an ID.

Is there a way I can use something like the code above to get the actual name or category of the item being removed?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Perhaps a better approach here would be to bundle the required products with the products they're tied to. So if someone purchases a base station - it comes bundled with the wireless plan product - and they can't remove the plan without also removing the base station. Would that work? You can see information on setting up product bundles at
  • mwkdesignmwkdesign Member
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    Wow, that is interesting! I had been using the "price_2" convention to add everything at once, but that creates no relationship between the items. And I see bundling even works when the parent is a one-time charge and the child is a subscription. That's really cool! So-- What if they want several base stations? In my situation, I only want to sell them a single wireless plan which would cover them all. Can the quantities differ between parent/child items?
  • fc_jedfc_jed FoxyCart Team

    Certainly! Even though the existence of the child products depend on the parent product, the quantity is independent of each other. You can set a different quantity and other parameters for child products. The key thing is to have the parent_code equal to the code of the parent product.
  • Sweet. Bundling works great. Thank you!

    Just for my own edification, if I ever would want to throw up a prompt when a customer removes a certain item — Is there some version of that code above which could extract details about the item being removed? Is that even possible?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I haven't tested to confirm - but prior to deletion you should be able to get the product details from the JSON object, based on the ID of the product being deleted.
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