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Multiple FC stores, one checkout

mrlarsonmrlarson Member
in Help edited February 2016
We are looking to be able to sell products from multiple vendors in one location. We would handle fulfillment of regular products from any number of vendors ourselves, however we are planning on also selling subscriptions from one vendor with their own FC store. Is there a way that at the checkout regular products can be from one FC store, but subscriptions be from another so that they can be managed by that store owner?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Unfortunately not - it's not possible for products related to two different FoxyCart stores be purchased at the same time. If you didn't mind them having to be purchased separately - you could have the two different stores on your website - but they would need to be separated on different subdomains. The reason for this is if they both shared the exact same domain - the cookies for the two different store sessions would overlap and bleed together - causing other issues. You can see more information on cookies and sessions here:
  • That makes sense. We might try solving this with Order Desk. Thanks
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