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GA tracking not working on receipt

flinx777flinx777 Member
in Help edited March 2016
We have GA installed on a site, the cart, check and receipt page per the FC documentation. The FC store is running on 1.1. We can verify the GA code is tracking cart and checkout but we can not get it to show as running on checkout. Here's the cart and checkout:


We followed the FC documentation but not luck. We do have custom code on the checkout so not sure if that's possibly causing any issues. I can PM you the store info.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Looking at your store set up - the code you've included on the receipt looks correct. How exactly are you testing the receipt? Is it by completing a checkout or going to a previously completed transactions receipt? If the latter - the page won't be tracked at all, only the first time the receipt is viewed will be tracked.

    If you are completing transactions in order to get to the receipt, try installing this in Chrome and running through tests with it active and the console open: - it shows the calls made to Google Analytics and might give you some additional visibility.
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