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Foxycart and a calendaring system

Just wondering: can Foxycart be combined with / integrated in a calendaring system like

The setup would be something like this: client chooses the option 'consultation' on the webshop, gets routed to calendly to select a date and a time (or a timeperiod like an hour, or half an hour, or two hours, whatever), receives a confirmation from Calendly, gets routed back to the webshop and pays for the selected consulting hours via Foxycart. Can that be done?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    If you're able to set up the integration with Calendly, then certainly. Ultimately as long as you can set up the add to cart form to be able to capture the selected date from the calendar integration, then you can pass that information on to FoxyCart. If you needed to feed the purchased date/time back to the calendar as well, you could do that using the webhooks:
  • t12t12 Member

    I'm a still trying to figure out how webshop, Calendly and foxycart can and should interconnect. Do you know of any other foxycart/calender integrations?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    I've seen some stores that have used just a basic calendar widget for selecting dates as part of an add to cart or on the checkout - but I believe what you're talking about is a bit more involved. I vaguely remember a store that did have a more advanced scheduling set up as part of a multi-page add to cart, but I can't recall exactly what store it was.

    If the date selection would happen as part of an add to cart, then your calendar system may not even need to know about FoxyCart - but rather feeds the date back to your add to cart form to then submit to FoxyCart. That kind of approach would probably be the simplest to tackle, with your website being the connector between both services.
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