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steeeeephensteeeeephen Member
in Help edited November 2007
Is this possible:

1. User clicks add to cart link
2. I run a check to make sure everything is cool with fc_PreProcess()
3. If the check fails, I can show a notification message (of why the check failed) inside the foxybox?

Maybe (if the check fails) I could change the URL of the page being seen inside the foxybox and then return true, so the foxybox is still shown, rather than returning false and not showing the foxybox at all?

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Huh, interesting question.
    What I'd probably do is... hmmm... yeah, we hacked thickbox to just use the appropriate FoxyCart URLs... I think that the idea of changing the URL would make sense, but I don't think it'd be easy to pull off with the current version of foxybox. You'd have to have fc_PreProcess spawn the foxybox with your own URL. I'm not positive but that definitely seems doable.

    We're planning on upgrading foxybox to use the latest version of thickbox in our next version, but for the time being you might want to check out

    That file, along with:
    are all packed into the foxycart_includes you're using. If you want to tinker, that's available to you. If you want to wait for our next version, I'll add a URL override to the foxybox/thickbox.

    Or, you could always just use Thickbox (modified to use jQuery with $j() instead of $() ) separately from FoxyCart. That might be easier, and allow you an easier upgrade path.
  • Sweet. I'll just call thickbox seperately. Like you said, I think that will be easier, and better in the long run.
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