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Data feed error after server move

richtestanirichtestani Member
in Help edited May 2016
I am getting a data feed error which started once we moved to a new server.

DataFeed Failed: (1013861515) 2016-05-12 09:58:38 No data returned for [301]
I have tried troubleshooting the script to make sure all the pieces are right, but something just isn't and I can't seem to get any more information about my script from the error returned other than no data and the following:

ThisAction=TransactionHistory NextAction=RefeedTransaction
transaction_id=xxxxx transaction_date_filter_begin=01/01/2007
transaction_date_filter_end=05/12/2016 use_transaction_date_filter=1 is_test_filter=0 use_is_test_filter=1
hide_transaction_filter=0 use_hide_transaction_filter=1 data_is_fed_filter= use_data_is_fed_filter=1
pagination_start=1 fc_csrf_TransactionRefeedHidden=GduRNXjpcT7Uu2aGF5bJfphUzcJQz856bpRPg24jP5
Any help solving this would be great.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Sorry to hear you're having troubles with the datafeed. The key part from the error response you're getting is the 301 http response code. That's saying that the URL is being redirected, and at this time our datafeed doesn't follow redirects. You'll need to ensure the URL you've placed into the admin is the final URL.

    Loading your datafeed endpoint directly shows it redirect from to - losing the www.. If you drop that from the URL in your store settings, I believe that should get it working for you.
  • Adam, that was the case. I saw the 301 and thought that it was suspicious but it dint occur that it was redirecting to an incorrect URL.

    Thank you for pointing that out.
  • is there a way to re-feed unfed orders?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    There is! Any transaction that hasn't been fed successfully will be marked with a red background in the transactions report. If you expand those transactions, there is a "refeed it now" link at the bottom of the details for each transaction that you can use to trigger that re-feed.
  • Yes, but one at a time? I have over a thousand to re-feed.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Ah - that would be cumbersome! You can also re-feed them via the API - You'd first do a transaction_list call, filtering by data_is_fed_filter being 0. Then loop through each of the returned transactions, passing each transaction ID to a call to transaction_datafeed.
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