Why is this not validating?

I made some changes to my code and now items with a size get a validation error. Nothing that should have affected values of the sizes, but something did change.

The params being sent:
action: "add"
code||fd45b278aa2dee51c0d38b45626273263360aee952475e8ba3275998844f2c87: "9060"
color||24d12fa94d2c00b90d806f2f4082270ee237b1113dea70a44dd55082b50cfb72: "Espresso Brown{c+048|p+0}"
fcsid: "1jdhbk1jcdgho2273dhbiae576"
name||ebda93a3b8529afcafdfbf359887166a48cffbed3ec38ba9d9e861666a1d0c6c: "Coobie Comfort Bra"
price||b28eac5ea8ea9c82ff46ef63e02eb79dbe1143c9422d48a6b22319cb84440657: "22.00"
quantity||9d0b29591b65e340e97b080f2f12bf9c16dcb4c22ca8a37ccfe321bacf32497c: "1"
size||5049a5c753abfb537fafcfbcd523a90474bb5c9a370a8292993049fda11ee3ca: "small{c+3|p+0}"

Then the final url being passed in.


Items without the size are added to the cart without a problem, but this url will tell me the size is a problem. Is there a better way to diagnose this than simply what field is problematic?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited May 2016

    Would it be possible for you to link us to the page where this add to cart is? We'd like to see it in place if possible to assist with debugging. Feel free to whisper it if it's private.

    Also - you mentioned making changes, did you make any changes to the add to cart or it's values?
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