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Subscription XML Content

chesterpchesterp Member
in Help edited June 2016

I'm working on a subscription datafeed xml unfortunately on my test store, no xml is being generated yet whenever I click Rerun Subscription XML under Advance tab,therefore I cant see the actual XML structure.

What I want to know is if there's a transaction_detail_options node on subscription xml like what I found on normal transaction xml?

I checked out your doc page about this

And this is what I noticed;
There's a product_options node but there was no transaction_detail_options.
Is products_options node the same as the transaction_detail_options? If not, how would I get the details for transaction_detail_options on subscription xml feed?

Thank you

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    The <product_options> node will include the custom product options attached to that product.

    In terms of not receiving it for your store - do you have subscriptions that are in a state that would cause it to be included in the sub datafeed? For example, if one is past due, or has an end date set.
  • @fc_adam

    All of my subscription records are new. NO records will meet those states.

    I added custom fields on my product page,example is "items_included". On regular transaction datafeed, this custom fields appear under transaction_detail_options, im not certain where will this appear on Subscription XML feed. SO I ask if transaction_detail_options is the same as product_options on Subscription XML? If not, on what node do you think will this custom fields be included?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited June 2016

    Sorry if my previous post wasn't clear - any custom product options that you include in an add to cart for a subscription will be inside the <product_options> node of the subscription datafeed for that product. So yes, it's the same as <transaction_detail_options> in the transaction datafeed.

    If your store you're working with is a test store, you can simply edit a subscription for your store and add a past due amount, then you'll see it come through in the subscription datafeed.
  • @fc_adam

    Awesome, I just edited the subscriptions directly on foxycart admin, re run the datafeed and I got the xml with some records in it.

    One more question, what I'm trying to collect are the Subscriptions that ended and didn't pay his monthly subscription fee for this month. Are all subscriptions under this node consider ended?

    I'm seeing subscription records but it has no end date, past due amount has value though.

    SO I guess my question is, when should I know that certain subscription record added on this node has ended? Are you also adding subscriptions which didn't pay for this month? how would I know that certain subscription added on this xml did not pay his subscription fee?

    Thanks @fc_adam

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. The subscriptions node can be a subscription in a couple different states. Firstly, it could have a past due amount - which you can tell by checking if the past due node is greater than 0. It can also have subscriptions that have ended today, shown by the end date matching todays date. Finally it can also be subscriptions that have an end date set in the future - shown by the end date being in the future.
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