pay someone to add some CSS?

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Hi there. I hope I'm ok to post this, but I was wondering if I could pay someone to add a quick bit of CSS for me.
I simply need a way to trigger an item to not sell (or stop the cart), when a qty is reached.
What I mean, is that I don't need foxycart to communicate with an actual inventory program. Our products are pretty simple, and not that many, so we can keep track of it manually. My only worry is over-selling an item before we can go in and manually remove an item, since we have some items that are limited quantities. Also, adding and removing items is a bit laborious.
So I'm not needing to use it for inventory control really, I just need a way to trigger the cart to not sell once the target number has been reached, and an easy way to update that available qty as needed and a way to show the customer that the item is out of stock.
I have muddled my way through code setting up my cart, and am pleased with the results, but I am not a proper designer, and just don't have the time to try to figure out how to do this on my own.
thank you!
  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team
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    Hi @purpleontime,

    What you describe is doable, although not with CSS.

    FoxyCart can calculate that 5 Things cannot be bought with only 4 Things in stock, but FoxyCart has nowhere to store the stock totals. This number has to come from outside of FoxyCart.

    Same with a Thing being purchased: FoxyCart can notify a script of your choice about the purchase, but the track must be kept outside of FoxyCart.

    Once you have that total inventory number, you can modify your "Add to cart" links like this:
    where quantity_max=17 means that no one can buy more than 17 Things. This number should come from your side, where it needs to be tracked and updated with each purchase.

    Let us know if we can help you with any other issues.
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