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Shipping Method selection errors when Google Analytics enabled

SimonSimon Member

After configuring Google Analytics today I now have an issue with submitting an order on mobile devices.

If I select a shipping method and submit the order I get a warning that the shipping method is missing. When I check, it has definitely been selected and if I try to change to a different choice I still get the error on submission.

If I then go and disable Google Analytics and reset the cart it then works successfully. Upon re-enabling analytics it fails again.

It seems to only be on mobile devices, desktop is working ok regardless. I have tested on my mobile using chrome, android browser and firefox with same results and on different connections.

No idea where to go with this one, can someone help?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for detailing that, I believe I understand what you're describing there, and have an idea of what is causing it. We have an new feature coming soon which I just mentioned in your other thread as well - which will be replacing the custom flat rate shipping snippet. The native feature should stop this issue from happening, as your store will no longer be relying on javascript on the checkout to set the shipping rates.
  • SimonSimon Member
    HI @fc_adam ,

    To clarify, this is what the error looks like.

    Any idea when you are planning to release the new code?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    No hard ETA at this time - it's waiting on a systems change that should be happening in the next couple days, all things going well. I've added you to the ticket to be notified when it does launch though so you can make use of it straight away.
  • SimonSimon Member

    Thanks a lot.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    ​I wanted to quickly follow-up with you about the custom shipping endpoint functionality we previously discussed.

    It's taken a little longer than we anticipated, but we just launched the custom endpoint feature today. You can see an overview of it, with links to some helper scripts in PHP and Node.js on our wiki at

    To reiterate, this feature allows you to specify a custom endpoint for shipping rates. The cart and checkout will send off a request to that endpoint with details about the cart and customer included. On your endpoint then you can generate your own custom rates or make requests on to third-party providers before returning them to display to the customer.
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