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Exporting users

Is there a way to export a list (cvs file perhaps) of all of our monthly subscribers. Just their names even I don't need much more info than that.
  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team
    edited August 2016

    While there is currently no option to download the subscribers' information in bulk, you could go to PRODUCT » subscriptions and filter by status = Active. This would give you the list of active subscribers, including the ones with past dues. Then you could select the table and copy-paste the data to a spreadsheet for further editing.

    For more detailed data, you could go to REPORTS » transactions, filter the transactions by your criteria, export all transactions that match the criteria in batches of 300, and then process the result so it only contains the data you are interested in.

    You could also use the API to run through all active subscriptions and generate a CSV with the information you need. This would require programming knowledge, but the result would contain exactly what you would want it to.
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