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Strange numbers appearing in Company field and Address 1 field

Each of these has happened twice in the past four days, so we're wondering if it's just a coincidence with customers' data entry problems, some sort of automatic browser fill-in of saved data, or if there's some bug that's causing this.

1. A four-digit number appears in the company field. Once it was 1947 and once it was 1949. Birth years, perhaps?

2. A random-looking number appears at the end of the address line one field. One was 15121 and one was 3915. They don't look like apartment numbers, and they don't have anything to do with the zip code.

I can whisper transaction numbers if that would be helpful. It's not a big deal - just something that's confusing for us and for the customers, and we thought you might have some insight.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @dustystrings, yeah go ahead and whisper transaction IDs and the store name. We'll take a look.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @dustystrings, (thanks for whispering that information)

    I've taken at the logs related to these transactions.

    For the transaction ending in 772, the customer did enter an address on the cart different to their final address. When they hit the checkout though, they entered this new address that included the number in the company field along with the rest of the information.

    For the other two transactions - I don't see the specific numbers mentioned in our logs. For the transaction ending in 189, this is because the address line 2 isn't included in any calls our ajax requests make, so we can't see when that was added. For the transaction ending in 599 - the requests to get shipping requests don't include that value as part of the company details for the request.

    To me this does look like a wayward auto-fill plugin. Perhaps the best way to confirm here will be to reach out to these customers and enquire if they did intend to provide that information and/or if they used an autofill plugin when checking out.
  • Thanks for checking into it! We'll clarify with the customers and keep an eye on whether it happens regularly or is just the occasional weirdness.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Just noting that there's another (newer) forum thread about this:
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