Change payment gateway, what happens to subscriptions?

Hey guys,

I searched the forum but couldn't find a relevant thread.

A client is currently using PayPal Pro and deprecated Express. We have all kinds of issues with that since they also have legacy (pre-FC) subscriptions that are still active, which means they couldn't update their IPN... fun.

So, we'll handle the Express subscriptions separately, but what we want to know is what happens to the PayPal Pro subscriptions if we change our gateway to Stripe. Will the active subscription just try to process through whichever gateway is active? Or do we run into issues since we don't have a customer record in Stripe for the existing subscription?

Thank you!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Great question. As FoxyCart securely stores the customers payment details, and manages the subscription - each renewal of a subscription is treated as a normal one-off transaction with the gateway. If you switch gateways, the next renewal for the subscription will simply send off that transaction request to the new gateway.

    The one important thing to note here is that we are unable to store the customers CVV number for their payment card. If the gateway you move to has any requirements for that value being there, you'll run into issues with switching gateways - so you'll want to be sure to check any validations and AVS settings to ensure that it's not required on the new gateway.

    For reference, we recently switched gateways ourselves for FoxyCart store subscriptions, so it's definitely possible to do!
  • Thanks for the quick response, @fc_adam. I assumed as much, but didn't want to gamble with 6000 subscribers...

    Stripe to the rescue!
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