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Region Specific Offline Processing

OliOli Member
in Help edited March 2009
Hey Guys,

Is there any way to set up region specific payment processing?

Basically, I'm building a site for a Canadian Winery that absolutely needs to process payments offline for any orders shipped outside of BC. Ideally, we would love to still be able to process live transactions on any orders to be shipped within BC through our payment gateway PSIGate. Also, it would be amazing if the offline transactions could still verify and maybe even pre authorize the cards.

If you can think of any way in which any of this is possible, I will be so freakin' happy. I freakin' love MODx + FoxyCart, but am really struggling with coming up with a solution for this. Other solutions I'm looking at are less than ideal, since we are plan not to have to process these orders offline in the future.

Note: right now we're looking into PCI DSS certification, to be able to access the access credit data stored in your system.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    You might be able to set PSiGate to auth-only mode, then you could manually capture the BC orders, cancel the non-BC orders (and you'd still get the benefit of authorizing the cards to ensure payment is at least likely).

    Would that be a good solution? You might need to request that we create a new gateway in FoxyCart depending on how PSiGate handles auth-only and auth-capture settings, so let us know about that if it's an issue.
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