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Custom field issue

Hi, I am trying to include custom fields with my transaction details. I can see the custom fields on the checkout page as well as on the receipt but its not sending it as part of the datafeed. I am not using a form to send my data though, I wrote an xml function to encrypt and send using the HMAC code. Please how do i include custom fields so it can be seen in the datafeed.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @doyinolarewaju, sorry to hear you're having trouble getting the custom values in the datafeed. If you're able to see them on the receipt, you should definitely also be receiving them in the datafeed. Could you whisper me your store details so I can take a look at your recent receipts to see how the custom values are being included please?
  • Hi, sorry i'm new here. I dont know how to whisper
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for whispering that information.

    Would I be correct in saying that the custom values you're referring to are the ones included in the product information like "username" and "txn id"? If so - as these are product level custom attributes, they'll be included in the individual product information in the XML payload. You'll find them within the transaction_detail_options node of each products transaction_detail node, as shown in the example on

    Do you see those values there? If that's not the values you were referring to - could you confirm which custom values you're looking for?
  • Those are the values i am referring to exactly, i will check them out and get back to you thank you
  • Hi adam, thanks for your help i really appreciate it. But one more thing, there is still a value missing. There is a value code that isnt present in the transaction detail part. I know this because i concatenated all the data and its not present. The name of the key is code, please your soonest response will be greatly appreciated. I thank you so much, you have been a huge help already
  • I would not also mind if you could direct me on how to look at the xml myself so i dont have to bother you so much.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    @doyinolarewaju - the code attribute is a normal product attribute, so you'll find that within the transaction_detail node itself. For an example of the structure of the XML payload, you can refer to If you want to see your own XML payload, then within your datafeed endpoint, you could simply write the decrypted payload to a file on your side.
  • edited September 2016
    Never mind, found it.. it was under product_code.. Thank you so much.. merci
  • the thing is, i cant see the xml. I'm just using the xml feed sample and its proving in-accurate a lot
  • edited October 2016
    hi, sorry that didn't help.. here is what i did

    $transaction_date = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbObj->get_link(),$transaction->subscription_startdate);
    $payment_end = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbObj->get_link(),$transaction->subscription_enddate);

    Subscription end date is empty.. contains 00:00:00
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2016

    If you want to see the contents of the datafeed payload, you can use a script like this to output it to a file:

    Looking at your code though, it looks like you're trying to access the subscription nodes in the base <transaction> node. It doesn't exist there, but it's within the transaction details node. If you refer to the example payload on the wiki, you'll see that they're within <transaction><transaction_details>< transaction_detail>.

    Also to clarify - the subscription end date node will be "0000-00-00" if the subscription doesn't currently have an end date set.

    Finally - in response to your whisper - you make a product into a subscription by specifying a sub_frequency product attribute, and optionally also a sub_startdate and/or sub_enddate. More details on that at
  • Thanks adam, you have been a huge help. God bless you
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