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Changing child products based on quantity

I'm trying to set up a product so that the child product changes based on the quantity purchased.

For instance, someone buys 1 or 2 widgets, they get a basic widget tote. If they buy 3-5, they get a good widget tote. 6+ gets an engraved leather widget tote.

If this is too much, is there a way to require that the child product can't be added until at least 3 parent products have been added?
  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team
    Than you for the confirmation. Let us do some research and we'll get back.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited October 2016

    Thanks for whispering your store details. What you're describing is possible to do - but it's not necessarily a simple set up. We don't currently support changing details about products within the cart other than their quantities. This means that to change the kind of product that is present in the cart based on the quantity of another product will require adding and removing the product dynamically with javascript which can get quite advanced.

    Is this additional product included for free or at least at a static price? If so - you could add it as normal bundled product - and include custom options that show what they'll get based on the quantity ordered. For example, the cart could look like this:


    If that could work - it would be the simplest approach to achieving this in the store. The product wouldn't ever need to be dynamically updated, and shows the customer directly in the cart what quantity they need to get different versions of the product. The tiers would act as a static description of what kind of product they would receive based on the number of widgets they order. For fulfilment though, it means you would need to review how many widgets they bought to dictate what tote they should be getting as well.
  • Ha, the second approach is a lot easier than trying to fiddle with JS on this, and fulfillment shouldn't be an issue. Guess I was overthinking it.

    Thanks a bunch!
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