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Google Analytics in transaction detail

I'm trying to get my Google Analytics info to show up in my transaction detail. Analytics seems to work fine otherwise. Here is what I have:
Using Store version 2.0.
I have Loader.js in my source code.
I've added the UA code in my template configuration settings.
I've checked the box for "Include Google Analytics tracking code on my website via loader.js"
What shows up in the custom field information on the transaction detail is something like "ga: 1662976453.1476020875"

How do I get more detail like utm_campaign parameters to pass to the transaction detail?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Interesting question. The ga attribute you see on the transaction is there because it's needed to correctly link the customers analytics session between your website and the FoxyCart hosted checkout flow. As such, it's not designed as a reference point, but it's used while checking out to ensure the customer stays connected. The best place to view the analytics information will be in Google Analytics itself.
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