Post-purchase survey

Is there a way to implement an immediate post-purchase survey to ask clients, for example, how they heard about our product? The checkout confirmation page includes a link back to our website, but we've found that almost no one clicks it. Are there other ways of implementing such a survey?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. A few options for you:

    If it's only a couple optional questions, you could include in on the checkout as custom checkout fields. You'll want to be careful with that though, as each additional question does make it extra work for your customers to check out.

    You could simply customise your receipt to make the post survey call to action more prominent.

    The post purchase survey form could be embedded directly into the receipt too - but as it's a secure page, you'll have to have an SSL cert on the domain where the survey posts to as well, to allow that communication to happen. If it's not secure they'll probably get a warning that they're submitting to an insecure endpoint which won't look good.

    For an advanced integration, you could actually send customers to this in-between page post purchase and pre receipt. Essentially you'd perform a redirect from the receipt if it's the first time it's been loaded to your survey page. On this page, you'd let them know their purchase was successful, provide them with their survey questions, and when they submit, send them back to the receipt - which as it's second load wouldn't redirect. If the questions are optional, you could also have a continue button they can use besides the form to get back to the receipt. With this approach, you'll need to make it really clear to the user that their purchase was successful on your middle page. Otherwise, if they decide they want to bail at that point, they may think their purchase wasn't completed yet and get surprised with the charge.
  • Great options! I especially like that last one. What's the cleanest way to implement this receipt redirect? Could I just put php in the receipt template with some variables I pass along for that "first/second" check?

    Also, when I start debugging this, is there a way to do a test transaction without actually taking my store offline?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We don't support custom PHP scripting in any of our templates - so you'd need to handle this with Twig and HTML/javascript. We have a variable you can use straight away for only running code on the first receipt display, like this: {% if first_receipt_display %}

    The reverse SSO set up could also provide some additional information for you for setting this up: - while you're not logging people in on your side, you could use the same approach to ensure that the customer has come from the receipt the redirect says they did.
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