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initial integration with expressionengine cms

kevinkevin Member
in General edited November 2007
I have done an initial integration of foxycart with expressionengine cms system.
While it is still in early testing (and having a heck of a time w/ Safari 3).
while it is not quite ready for public consumption, it does work including support for the datafeed callback.

is this something of interest to foxycart or the foxycart community.
I am just trying to judge how much time to spend on this -- for a "stable module for expressionengine" or "just a tool for me for my sites..."

any feedback would be valuable.
(i will am also gathering interest level from the expressionengine user base)
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I've talked to a few ExpressionEngine users that have lamented the current state of ecommerce for EE... now I'll just cross my fingers and hope they show up on our forum ;)
  • Kevin-

    Brett and I have been discussing this recently, and let me tell you that I would be very interested in your efforts- whether I can just use the finished product or help you with development. Feel free to email me. chadcrowell ---at--- gmail
  • BETA program next week.
    If anyone is interested in testing out an early beta of CoolCommerce - ExpressionEngine CMS integration with FoxyCart please signup for the beta program at

    It is integrated with respect to sku and order management within the cms,custom fields in addtocart, and full support of the FoxyCart datafeeds.

    A front-end demo is available at as well.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    I can't believe how good those screenshots look. Amazing work, Kevin.
  • I can't for this EE app! I think I've found my tech partners for my store: EE/Foxy
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