Create a random product code when adding to cart?


In the wiki it recommends creating a random product code for multiple sets of bundled products, each time the product is added to the cart:

Does anybody have a script that can make this happen?

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited April 2017

    Good question - and I'm sorry for the delay in answering! I'm not aware of anyone developing a script to handle this - but it would depend on how you're managing your products. I believe you're making use of link/form validation - is that right? Are your product links static as well, in that they're hard-coded on the page rather than being added using a CMS or similar and rendering the final page using a server-side language like PHP?
  • Hey Adam,

    It looks like I figured out a way to handle this without needing to do the random product code. Thanks for the follow up.
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