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Second bundled product flip-flopped in cart when using Multi-Ship

Hey Guys,

When adding a "Primary Address", and then a "Secondary Address" bundle (subscription) to the cart, the Secondary Address has the bundled products flipped.

You can see it here:

(Make sure to change both fields at the bottom to "Primary Address" or "Secondary Address" before adding to the cart)

  • Further info:

    This "flip-flop" only seems to occur with the bottom most Multi-address shipment. For example, when I add a bundle to the cart for a 3rd address, it is flip-flopped (closest to the bottom).
  • And another interesting thing:

    Once another multi-ship is added to the cart, the qty controls stop working, and only the bottom most bundle controls the quantity of all bundled products.

    For example, if I change the qty to 6 at the bottom, all the bundled products change to 6.


  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team

    Finally got to test it the link you shared above, and I couldn't run into the behavior you are reporting:

    1. There was no flip-flopping
    2. Each number input controls only its own product's quantity

    Everything looks and works shiny.

    Has the form been updated since?
    Does the described behavior happen in an Incognito window?
  • Hey @fc_roman ,

    I think i fixed the qty update issue after cleaning up the code.

    But the flip-flop issue is still occurring, even in incognito. To see the flip flop you have to add an autoship item (primary address button), then another autoship item (secondary address button), and you will see the child item is not under the parent item. (on the bottom most bundle)

  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team

    Replicated it, thank you for the detailed instructions.
  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team
    Once another multi-ship is added to the cart, the qty controls stop working, and only the bottom most bundle controls the quantity of all bundled products.
    The way the page is set up currently, you have a single product with the code PALMCAP60 across 3 forms, yet 3 children attached to this parent code.

    Looks like the moment the last PALMCAP60 is in the cart, it becomes the parent to all children hooked onto this code.

    If you want to keep each bundle isolated, you could try using a different code for the parent and consequently a different parent_code for its child(ren).

    We are looking into the bizarre flip-flopping situation.
  • Hey @fc_roman

    Like I mentioned, the qty control issues have been resolved, and are working with the current setup.

    I'm not sure if the single product code has anything to do with the flip-flopping problem. All our purchase blocks are HMAC validated now and a real hassle to change.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for clarifying. We're still looking into the bundled products order being flipped and we'll update you on that as we have more information.
  • Hey @fc_adam,

    FYI, We ended up giving all our parent products unique CODES for the bundles, but the flip-flop problem is still occurring.

    Any hope for a fix soon?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We have a fix pending in our QA queue - but at this time I don't have an ETA for when it will be live. It is coming though!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited December 2016

    We've just rolled out a fix for the bundled product order being incorrect in the Sidecart. Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for your patience while we got a fix completed.
  • @fc_adam, glad to hear!

    Is this automatically rolled out to all stores?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Yep - it's already applied to your store.
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