Subscription orders modified from new purchases?


I've been testing the subscription functionality, and how subsequent transactions affect existing subscriptions.

It appears that if someone has a subscription, and they make a purchase at a later date with the same email, all user information is changed for all subscriptions associated with that email.

It seems problematic because our customers may want to buy an item (on a different credit card, shipped to a their grandmother, etc.) and if they checkout with the same email used with their subscriptions it will change all their current subscriptions to this latest info. (and without warning)

Is there anyway to change this behavior?

  • EpotratzEpotratz Member
    edited October 2016
    Also, I assumed the purpose of the sub_token was to avoid this type of thing, and to keep all purchases and subscription plans distinctly separate from each other.

    When I reach the cart with a sub_token I get a warning "You are currently modifying a subscription." but if I just go to the store and make a purchase with that email I don't get any warning about changing all info associated with my subscription(s)...

  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team
    ​Hi @Epotratz,

    Sorry about the delay — we're still a short-handed team this week.

    But we're slashing our way through the log and will be here shortly to answer your questions.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi @Epotratz.
    Sorry for the ambiguity you've encountered, but good on you for the solid testing.

    Currently, Foxy behaves as you've described. Subscriptions are attached to a customer, and the customer (currently) can have a single saved CC# and associated addresses. (Multiship allows additional address options.)

    A possible workaround would be to add a bit to the checkout template (we could provide pointers) to alert the user on login that their credit card will be used for *all* their subscriptions. Perhaps also let them know that if they'd like to use a different credit card, they could use a different email address.

    That's admittedly not ideal, and we're aware of that. The ability for customers to maintain a "wallet" of saved payment methods (with associated billing addresses) and an address book (extending the current multiship address functionality) is absolutely planned for our next major version. It's a very large shift though, so it's not something we'll be able to do within a version.

    Does that help? Sorry again for the inconvenience and confusion.
  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    Hi again, @Epotratz.

    I see from your other post that you've already added that messaging, but that perhaps it's worth clarifying that you could do multiship to allow different addresses (even if you couldn't allow different CC#s).

    Would you like to discuss the address portion of it?
  • @brett

    Discuss the address portion as in multiship?

    I've got multiship going, but it has a funny little bug, which I posted about here:

    Thanks for the help.

  • brettbrett FoxyCart Team
    @Epotratz Sorry, I might be confusing a few different issues here. I was attempting to address this portion:
    all user information is changed for all subscriptions associated with that email.
    I wanted to make sure it was clear that multiship allowed multiple shipping addresses. So though the saved CC# and billing address are customer-specific, the shipping addresses for individual subscriptions could be separate.

    If you've already got a good handle on that (which it seems like you might), then I'm just confusing things.

    That said, is the approach you've taken with multiship how you intend to keep it, with hardcoded names like "Primary Address", "Secondary Address", etc?

    What'd would make more sense would be a more "standard" approach, where you let the customer set the address name. That way, when a custom edits the address they'd previously called "Grandma's", it'd be clear what they're editing.
  • @brett, So you guys recommend creating a open-ended text input field for the shipto field?
  • fc_romanfc_roman Member, FoxyCart Team
    recommend creating a open-ended text input
    Giving customers a choice with the default option is a recommended UX approach, so a <select> element should work here.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    You can see details on setting up a select dropdown with a text input for multiship on our wiki at
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