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Automatically add coupon for international customers


Our store uses VAT inclusive pricing for UK customers, but for overseas customers we would like to offer our products with the VAT removed as we do not need to charge them the VAT element.

Is it feasible to automatically add a discount (or coupon?) when the customer selects their country in the cart/checkout to remove the 20% VAT that is inclusive in our prices?

This would ideally also work with other coupons that customers may have available to them.

  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited November 2016

    It'd require some custom javascript on your checkout - but it would be possible to automatically add a coupon based on the location the customer enters. You'd also want to have checks for the other way as well - if the coupon is present but the customer is in the UK, automatically remove that coupon. Details on working with our checkout events and adding coupons on and

    Another approach would be to set up the VAT as a tax rate in FoxyCart, then this would happen automatically for you. Our taxes don't yet support inclusive taxes, but you could still make use of our taxes approach. You could display the visual price on your store as VAT inclusive, but set the FoxyCart product as the price without tax. Then on the cart/checkout, if the customer is from the UK, our GEOIP lookup will automatically set their country selection to the UK, and as such the UK country tax will also be automatically applied. Then as they change their country selection when entering their address, the tax will be removed.

    While that approach will display the product price cheaper on the cart itself - the taxes will still be calculated as they should providing the correct order total. As it's leveraging native functionality as well, it will be a simpler and more solid solution for your store.
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