Card about to expire email?

Hey guys,

By surprise, I got this "card expiring" email today from some test orders we submitted last month. (see below)

However, I didn't even know foxycart sent this email. I don't see anyway to change this language in the language section, or any settings to control this email. It's also not using the standard Foxycart email template, which is strange.

Where can I adjust the settings on this email?


  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited December 2016

    Actually, that's not one of our emails - we don't currently send reminders for soon to expire cards. Do you have an integration with our subscription datafeed that is sending the email for you perhaps? That'd be my best guess for where it'd be coming from. Or are you making use of OrderDesk with your store?
  • Hey Adam,

    Yes, we are using OrderDesk, but we don't have any foxycart emails setup from OrderDesk. I'll ask their support about it.
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