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Displace existing coupon code if a better one is entered.

I'm in a situation where my store has a promotion with a standing coupon of 5% on all products. The coupon is automatically added. However, several of my corporate customers will have coupon codes for a 15% discount on all products. Is it possible to have the better coupon code displace the automatically added one?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    Hey Adam,

    We don't have a native way to currently remove already added coupons when another coupon is added. It's possible to dictate if a coupon is combinable with other coupons - but this will just prevent a new coupon being added if one of them isn't combinable.

    You could achieve it with some javascript - if both coupons are present, remove one of them. You would handle that with a jsonp request to the cart using our javascript events.
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