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Stripe (deprecated)

The FoxyCart admin panel lists both Stripe and Stripe (deprecated) as payment methods. There's no related documentation on the stripe gateway page. Is it necessary / worthwhile to switch to the new integration?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. There currently isn't any functional differences between the latest and deprecated versions of our Stripe integration. Behind the scenes the newer one is using a different approach for integration which opens up the possibilities for us to integrate with some other gateways a little quicker too.

    Moving forward, the non-deprecated approach will see new functionality added to it, while the deprecated version will remain as it is. As an aside as well, only those stores who already had the deprecated version enabled for their store see the two versions - any other stores will just see the one new version.

    As you're able, I'd recommend switching over. We'll reach out to all stores still using the deprecated version when the new version begins to advance beyond the current feature parity to let them know as well.
  • Thanks, Adam.
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