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Usage based billing

I am looking to implement usage based billing. I would prefer to have a user set a minimum threshold that they would have left (prepaid) in their account. So a user may pay $20 and set the threshold to $10.00. When the user's account gets below $10.00, foxycart automatically charges enough to bring back the account to $20.00.

I am not sure how to do this. My understanding that only subscriptions can auto charge an account and since we don't know when or how much to charge I don't know if a subscription will work.

Any guidance is appreciated.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. We don't currently support native functionality that would get you what you've described there, but either with some manual work, or by making use of our API, you could get something working.

    With either approach - you would need some way of tracking a given users balance, so you would need to have a user account on your side that tracks that figure. Once you've got that you can then trigger functionality when it reaches the threshold.

    If you were ok with handling it manually, you could make use of our Unified Order Entry functionality to place transactions on behalf of customers of your store with accounts.

    You could alternatively also use subscriptions, but when they're purchased, set the frequency to be a long time - pushing the next date far into the future. When a users balance drops below the threshold, you could edit the next date of the subscription to be tomorrow in the Foxy administration, to trigger it to renew, and edit the amount of the subscription to be the needed amount to bring it back to the normal balance.

    You could also take that same approach with subscriptions, but handle updating the subscription automatically using our API.

    Finally, you could also use our API, but to automatically place charges for customers who have already created an account and saved a payment method. This would probably be the cleanest approach, but also the more involved for set up.
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