Zero discount coupon to track orders for charity contribution

We are offering to send 10% of order value to a particular charity. Customers who want to take this option should use a coupon code to designate their order as such. This would actually be a coupon code with no discount, because all we want to do is track the order. There's no benefit to the customer. Can we setup a coupon code with a $0 discount in FoxyCart?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Good question. While it is possible to designate a coupon to provide a $0 discount, currently those coupons are not tracked against the transaction as being used, as they don't actively affect it at all. For a coupon usage to be tracked against a transaction, it needs to discount at least 1¢ off the total.

    Another approach you could take would be to add a checkbox to the checkout that a customer could check in order to designate that they'd like 10% of the order to go to charity. If the checkbox is checked, then that value will be set as a custom value on the transaction and you'll be able to see that value on the receipts, emails and transaction reports. Would that work?
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