Disallowing purchase of multiple subscriptions

Is there a way to stop Foxycart from processing transactions when someone already has an active subscription?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    We don't have any native functionality to prevent any new purchases for customers that already have a subscription - but you could certainly set up that kind of functionality yourself.

    If you're making use of our Single Sign On functionality to synchronise users between your store and your website, and you require that customers are logged in on our side before going to checkout, you could perform that additional check on the SSO endpoint - using the API to see if a customer already has a subscription and preventing them from proceeding if they do.

    If you're not requiring users to be logged in on your side first, then you could do this with an ajax request from the checkout. Once the customer enters their email, you would send off a request to an endpoint on your side to perform a check against the API for existing subscriptions, and based on the response from your endpoint - allow or block the checkout.

    Two quick notes with the AJAX request from the checkout approach - firstly, your endpoint will need to be secured by HTTPS, to allow secure communication between the checkout and your endpoint. Secondly - depending on what customers are purchasing, they could simply change their email address to be able to purchase still. It might not be a big issue, but is worth noting.
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