Baffled by coupon link not charging for today's order

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I have a purchase link here:||f324aed932911587dda98d9729e3e4402e6025f80d9e01930fb51fff40e009b3&||c7ee392d847f1d44fd53d860b7ba97bba5e39c7de62019c76351ca40922fb68d&weight=0.142||d7b572f067574e6e9c893632654e0a8d54e2a59bcbfd5b169bacfc59f5f73f7e&price=49.99||ac9e6e67530466ef0fbd0004df10486c8ae4370e7fe7d51dcee6a666cbef2d0d&category=Palm+Fruit+recurring||bb08c0bc38deafce3052445a065e2fed9a4027ed5f9f4a58aeb11d7c7a618e1c&code=PALMCAP60-recur||4d9112e23f7e6ce23065231f1d8923f6b44a2aab667463c9c5a79b2652c31353&sub_frequency=30d||0ca610ae4853624238ef2b83bebc517d40a66551e41058bfa342a3c674598822&Size=60+capsules+%7C+30+day+supply||16454bd2684bcd15eb29340ce6927806becc93e4a448ec878e7013f77485f55c&Purchase_type=Today+%2B+Recurring+shipment||5067f41d0a20ae2207b6d645eebb07ab57b0587800680f332aaa5d2e266241e3&productid=PALMCAP60||876e17dab500381bdda15be0294dac41ab1f85828b13c9f1e6d027f81f8a1916

And I have the identical purchase link here, but with a coupon applied:||f324aed932911587dda98d9729e3e4402e6025f80d9e01930fb51fff40e009b3&||c7ee392d847f1d44fd53d860b7ba97bba5e39c7de62019c76351ca40922fb68d&weight=0.142||d7b572f067574e6e9c893632654e0a8d54e2a59bcbfd5b169bacfc59f5f73f7e&price=49.99||ac9e6e67530466ef0fbd0004df10486c8ae4370e7fe7d51dcee6a666cbef2d0d&category=Palm+Fruit+recurring||bb08c0bc38deafce3052445a065e2fed9a4027ed5f9f4a58aeb11d7c7a618e1c&code=PALMCAP60-recur||4d9112e23f7e6ce23065231f1d8923f6b44a2aab667463c9c5a79b2652c31353&sub_frequency=30d||0ca610ae4853624238ef2b83bebc517d40a66551e41058bfa342a3c674598822&Size=60+capsules+%7C+30+day+supply||16454bd2684bcd15eb29340ce6927806becc93e4a448ec878e7013f77485f55c&Purchase_type=Today+%2B+Recurring+shipment||5067f41d0a20ae2207b6d645eebb07ab57b0587800680f332aaa5d2e266241e3&productid=PALMCAP60||876e17dab500381bdda15be0294dac41ab1f85828b13c9f1e6d027f81f8a1916&coupon=DEEPSAVE

However, the second link does not charge anything for "Today's" purchase. What is the deal??
  • ... but apparently the links are actually charging people although the cart shows no Total for today...

    Order # 1193408974
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team
    edited February 2017

    Could you clarify what the issue is you're running into here? I've just loaded up both links and in both cases they have an amount due to be charged today. The first link for $39.99 and the second link for $29.99. If you could clarify, we'd be happy to take a closer look.
  • Hey @fc_adam,

    This is what I was seeing:


    I reset the cart (/cart?empty=reset), and now its displaying a price, although there is no "Next Charge" section. Should there be?

  • Curious, is there any reason not to use purchase links with /cart?empty=reset instead of /cart?empty=true in the URL?
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Nope - you can use empty=reset if you prefer. It will clear out everything and create a brand new session.

    Thanks for the screenshots above too. Looking at them, it looks like it's being considered a future dated subscription, with a start date of the 3rd of March. Are you using the links exactly as you pasted them above? Because these don't have start dates set for the subscriptions that would cause that.
  • @fc_adam,

    Right no start dates in the URL! And yes, the same exact link.

    I'm guessing something was cached or cookied that was causing the issue. We will probably change our links to empty=reset to avoid the issue.
  • @fc_adam

    And it looks like the side-effect to empty=reset is that when you change the qty the whole item disappears! Won't be using that!
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    That shouldn't be the side-effect of using empty=reset - it shouldn't have any impact on what products exist in the cart moving forward. Could you confirm what you're seeing exactly that we can attempt to replicate?

    In terms of the future start date - had you perhaps been editing a subscription using a subtoken link that had a next start date of the 3rd? It sounds like you had, and that subtoken was still active for your session - so that when you were adding new subscriptions, it was matching into that subtoken's structure.
  • @fc_adam

    Change the qty of the items in the cart with this URL, and you should see the item disappear:||f324aed932911587dda98d9729e3e4402e6025f80d9e01930fb51fff40e009b3&||c7ee392d847f1d44fd53d860b7ba97bba5e39c7de62019c76351ca40922fb68d&weight=0.142||d7b572f067574e6e9c893632654e0a8d54e2a59bcbfd5b169bacfc59f5f73f7e&price=49.99||ac9e6e67530466ef0fbd0004df10486c8ae4370e7fe7d51dcee6a666cbef2d0d&category=Palm+Fruit+recurring||bb08c0bc38deafce3052445a065e2fed9a4027ed5f9f4a58aeb11d7c7a618e1c&code=PALMCAP60-recur||4d9112e23f7e6ce23065231f1d8923f6b44a2aab667463c9c5a79b2652c31353&sub_frequency=30d||0ca610ae4853624238ef2b83bebc517d40a66551e41058bfa342a3c674598822&Size=60+capsules+%7C+30+day+supply||16454bd2684bcd15eb29340ce6927806becc93e4a448ec878e7013f77485f55c&Purchase_type=Today+%2B+Recurring+shipment||5067f41d0a20ae2207b6d645eebb07ab57b0587800680f332aaa5d2e266241e3&productid=PALMCAP60||876e17dab500381bdda15be0294dac41ab1f85828b13c9f1e6d027f81f8a1916&coupon=DEEPSAVE
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Thanks for the link - when I load that link, and then change the quantity to 2 - it stays as quantity 2. Reloading the page then, the product is still there. Is that all you're doing?

    If you try clearing all cookies, does it still do it then?
  • @fc_adam

    I reset the cart and tried it again and its still doing it. (latest Chrome browser)

    I don't want to clear my browser cookies at the moment, so I tried the link in MS Edge and was able to change qty without the product disappearing.

    I notice on both browsers the "Go Back" link does not appear until the qty is changed.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    It sounds like you've got some form of corrupted session there - and with the volume of testing you've been doing, that could be a contributing factor.

    Great catch on the link - I can see that happening too. It looks like after an empty=reset call, the cart continue link isn't correctly repopulated. I'll create a ticket to get that fixed.
  • fc_adamfc_adam FoxyCart Team

    Quick update - we've just rolled out a fix for the continue shopping link not appearing after an empty=reset&cart=checkout call - thanks for bringing that to our attention.
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