Squarespace Integration With Forms

Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is a super basic question but after some searching I didn't really find anything related to it. The company I work for essentially lets temps fill shifts in a retail environment. Right now we use Squarespace, and it's been kind of a nightmare integrating pricing variants.

What we're looking to do is have our customers fill out a form on our Squarespace site that says what city they're in and the start and end times of the shift they want to fill (plus a few other pieces of information irrelevant to price). From there, we want to take them to a checkout page that takes that information, and extrapolates the price from their answers, including a $19 booking fee.

For example, the customer populates the form with this info:

City: San Francisco
Shift Start: 12pm
Shift End: 6pm

Ideally, our site could then extrapolate that the hourly rate in SF is $14/hr, and the shift is 6 hours long. The customer hits order, and go to a checkout page for $103 (14*6+19).

Does Foxycart have the features needed for something like this?

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